Baby monitor and camera type: monitor your baby from a distance

If you are a mother, there is no need to explain why a baby monitor camera would make your life easier. But if you’re in the sweet waiting and want to soak up all the details, then welcome baby journey blog. Here is the reason why you need a baby camera, what functions the baby monitors have and how you can choose the ideal baby intercom for you.

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Why do you need a baby camera?

Certainly, the first week of having your little one in your arms, you will feel full, you will enjoy every minute and you will boast of your first sleepless nights. But then exhaustion will demand attention and your other obligations will dispute your time. And come on, the day has 24 hours and you only have two arms.

Then it is time to solve. And is that buying a camera for babies will allow you to satisfy such basic needs as eating, showering, going to the bathroom and sleeping. Then you could even try to leave the house, without it representing a form of wrongful death.

Guide to choosing the best camera for babies

Now that you understand why you need a baby monitor, I am going to explain what your options are. In there are many, many devices that are sold as the best, but it would be a shame if you ended up choosing blindly, based on the prices. So I prepared this Buying Guide, so that you can make an intelligent decision adjusted to your possibilities.

No camera or camera to monitor babies?

This is the first step: you must choose what kind of baby intercom you want. First, there are camera devices. It is ideal for new mothers, because it allows them to monitor the movements and reactions of the new born.

But if you are already an experienced motherhood woman, then a baby monitor, without a camera, is enough. It allows you to hear when he cries and soothe him with your voice, without having to run to the crib. In addition, they are much cheaper.

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With screen or with your phone?

If you chose a monitor with a camera to monitor babies, then you have a second decision to make: do you want a device with a screen or that you can pair with your cell phone?

At this opinion, you have to contemplate two conditions:

Screen monitors have a limited range. Depending on the brand, they can work in a radius of 15 to 30 meters, with up to four walls in between.

But, monitors that work with wi-fi, can connect with your phone from anywhere. However, the signal has to be excellent so as not to lose communication.

If you need something comfortable and you don’t leave the house much, then the baby monitor with a screen is for you.

But if the opposite is true, because you go out very often and your internet signal is very good, the second option suits you better.